Imagine, you have the opportunity to grow your own food from cells of plants, fungi, and animals. What would your dish look like? Would it consist of cells from plants and familiar ingredients, or would you dare to venture into using extinct animals, such as a T-rex or Dodo? And then, of course, the pivotal question: would you dare to take a bite of your own creation?

Culinair Cellulair is an interactive installation that allows visitors to design a cell-based future dish. This involves creating food from cells of animals and plants, without relying on traditional farming methods. Through a convergence of art, science, and cellular agriculture, this is visually represented in the installation. Visitors are guided through the entire process of cellular agriculture in an accessible and visual manner.

Using a touchscreen, visitors go through the cultivation process in four steps (cell source - design - cell growth - preparation) while creating a personalized dish based on the choices they make in each phase. They can experiment with different flavors, textures, shapes, and colors. Ultimately, the dish they create is displayed on a holographic screen.

Culinair Cellulair is designed for a diverse audience. Through the installation, visitors explore the endless future possibilities of cellular agriculture and gain insight into the science behind it. The installation also aims to spark conversations about ethics, consumer acceptance, and food innovation.

In addition to science communication for the public, the installation and the future food models are also intended to excite scientists and professionals to dare to look more creatively at future culinary possibilities involving new ingredients.

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